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After yesterdays talk, I found my self bold enough to post an old type sketch of mine. This was made for a project we had couple of years ago. Think it was early 2007. The sketch was suppose to be, if it worked out (witch it did not), the heading for the famous UREDD calendar. Anyhow, here is my sketch:


Stuff I used: clay, pencil & photoshop.

My first, second and third typo tee.

This is my first typo tee. I´m now official addicted to typo tees… This one I bought at Turn nocturnal. Just two weeks after this tee arrived I had to buy this tee:

from House industries. I was mr pleased, so i went on the internet do do some more money spending. Again i visited Turn nocturnal and got this tee:


I am now a happy camper.