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This weekend on a trip to Helsinki, I came across some nice typography decoration. I googled it when I came home and I found the Finnish company, Character, that takes the signs that companies no longer need or want. They pull the signs apart into individual characters, clean and fix them up and then add a new transformer with LED lights and power chord. The letters are then sold to new owners for use either indoors or out. I want the S!


Calligraffiti is a combination of calligraphy and graffiti. It is also a sweet site filled with nice typography and images that will get both graffiti artist and calligraphic people to wet their pants. The man with the plan is Niels Shoe Meulman. He also just released the Calligraffiti book (buy it here) . I, for one, am putting that book on my wish list for christmas (Hi mom).

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Love what you do

I first saw this lovely poster on Norwegian designer Tuva Thorsø private blog. I instantly fell in love with the poster. I had to Google a bit before I found a bigger picture and the source. The poster was made by graphic designer Nicole Lavelle From San Francisco. My hat goes of to her. Nice work indeed.


Haiti poster project

Everyone have heard about the earthquake that hit Haiti. A nice project that raise from this sad event is The Haiti Poster Project. I have browsed thru the site and there is some sweet bites among the poster load. One that cached my eye was this one by Alonzo Felix. Why? Because I like the simplicity of it, and of course the good vibe. This is no “pitty-me-poster”. I like.


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Science Fiction Typography

A clever gentleman from Milan named Matteo Gualandris have made a magazine called “Science Fiction Typography”. It contains an analytical story of typographic used in America’s most popular science fiction magazines published between 1930 and 1970. The main focus is on cover headlines. To make the magazine look old and used Matteo had it stuffed down in his back pocket for days.


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