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Hello Happy Lovers Type

I got a sweet mail the other day. From Jonathan Calugi of Happy Lovers Town. With a free typeface download. What a great christmas gift! here is what Jonathan said: “YEP just not in time but i love to say happy holiday to everyone… from now to 1 january 2010 you can download this gift for you.. A new typeface ;)” And who am I to not share it with our visitors?? If you want it, you got it. Here. Thanks Jonathan! We love your work. Keep on truckin´.


Remember to download the typeface before 2010…

Typeface the vigilante

I´ll stab you with my P…

Typeface aka “Captain A-Face”, is a Marvel vigilante. Typeface is a army veteran, and a former sign painter, with bad mental health. Even though he has no powers, he have won over Spider Man once, and, I might ad, he has weapons: A variety of letters-based weaponry adorning his costume (including a razor-sharp letter “P”). He is my, hands down, favorite Marvel, even though he was killed in 2007. R.I.P.

Statoil and SDG rides Melkeveien

Melkeveien made a really bautiful typeface for SDG and their client Statoil. Yes, it´s for the same profile as the much talked about redesigned logo… (Statoil and SDG is presenting the new profile at faglig frokost 9. desember at DogA (Oslo) ) I like the typeface. Good work Melkeveien!

Type typeface on my face

Back in the good old days I had a t-shirt brand named :pøbel (:pøbel means bully, hooligan, rascal etc). And just now, when I was researching type on the intergalactic internet, I stumbled upon this book; Body Type.

The book made me remember that I actually got people to tattoo my brand name and/or logo… Super fun. I thought I should share it with you, so her goes:







Three people got a :pøbel-tattoo before I stopped paying for the tattoos… This is over three years ago, but still I get people comming up to me at parties and such asking me for a tattoo…

BTW: I don´t buy people tattoos anymore…