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After yesterdays talk, I found my self bold enough to post an old type sketch of mine. This was made for a project we had couple of years ago. Think it was early 2007. The sketch was suppose to be, if it worked out (witch it did not), the heading for the famous UREDD calendar. Anyhow, here is my sketch:


Stuff I used: clay, pencil & photoshop.

Use your ears tonight

Kreativ Forum Trondheim arranges their regular happaning Fredagspils tonight. We (HelloTypo™) are going to talk about type, show some sweetness and get the beer drinking people to play with markers. So If you are in T-town, be smart and pop by Blæst at 16.00.


Found this image, made by Sebastian Cremers. Hope people are ready for some listening tonight.

Diary Type 2

Our friend Erlend at Mustasj sent us a link yesterday. And since the link was filled with type, I´ll share it with you. Just because you are my favorite peeps. Yup: The link was to a type project by  Vladimir Koncar called Diary Type 2 . Vladimir says: “It’s my playground when I’m fed up with commercial work.” And that boy plays a lot. Here he have played with soil:





Here are some of the other things Vladimir have played with:


Go check em out on Behance.

20 years of FontShop

FontShop is celebrating 20 years of delivering sweet, sweet digital fonts. It started with floppy disks, packed with the Spiekermann brothers font design, in 1989. Here is a really fun statistic site (yes, it is fun!) they have put together. Not only stats, but fun facts and more historical treats.

Statoil and SDG rides Melkeveien

Melkeveien made a really bautiful typeface for SDG and their client Statoil. Yes, it´s for the same profile as the much talked about redesigned logo… (Statoil and SDG is presenting the new profile at faglig frokost 9. desember at DogA (Oslo) ) I like the typeface. Good work Melkeveien!

Make it ooze

Got a newsletter from YouWorkForThem yesterday, with loads of new font releases. Many nice fonts indeed. But one caught my eye: the font Blobz, Designed by Jeff Proctor. Why? I don´t know. Perhaps the colors. But I am a sucker for hand made organic and twirling fonts. Guess thats the old graffiti artist in me. I don´t think this one was the coolest/best font in the newsletter, but it was the one I thought was worth mentioning.


Here another pic, but without color… I like color. I like black&white also. I like type. (nice poem?)