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Fuck this cake

Sometimes I wonder if other people are as passionate about typography as we at HelloTypo™ are. The answer is always: YES. Just a little trip around on the Google roller coster, and you can find all kind of screwed up type nerds with all sorts of weird ideas. I like it.

These people for is one example:


Do you see what font it is? (if not, shut down your computer and smack yourself in the head with it)

Magic pen writes in Helvetica

It’s a technological breakthrough!

The geniuses at Plexifilm have spent the past two years developing a Sharpie pen that actually writes in Helvetica!

Magic Pen

Magic Pen

If you know someone with a sloppy handwriting and you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift, this would have be it. There is however something that tells me this won’t work exactly as promised, but It’s a fun idea from the guys at Plexifilm (who’s behind the fantastic Helvetica – The Movie).

Found via Objectified.