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Diary Type 2

Our friend Erlend at Mustasj sent us a link yesterday. And since the link was filled with type, I´ll share it with you. Just because you are my favorite peeps. Yup: The link was to a type project by  Vladimir Koncar called Diary Type 2 . Vladimir says: “It’s my playground when I’m fed up with commercial work.” And that boy plays a lot. Here he have played with soil:





Here are some of the other things Vladimir have played with:


Go check em out on Behance.

20 years of FontShop

FontShop is celebrating 20 years of delivering sweet, sweet digital fonts. It started with floppy disks, packed with the Spiekermann brothers font design, in 1989. Here is a really fun statistic site (yes, it is fun!) they have put together. Not only stats, but fun facts and more historical treats.

Type typeface on my face

Back in the good old days I had a t-shirt brand named :pøbel (:pøbel means bully, hooligan, rascal etc). And just now, when I was researching type on the intergalactic internet, I stumbled upon this book; Body Type.

The book made me remember that I actually got people to tattoo my brand name and/or logo… Super fun. I thought I should share it with you, so her goes:







Three people got a :pøbel-tattoo before I stopped paying for the tattoos… This is over three years ago, but still I get people comming up to me at parties and such asking me for a tattoo…

BTW: I don´t buy people tattoos anymore…