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The Alphabet by n9ve

n9ve is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Italy and focused on Design, Graphic and Animation.

I just love these experimental, animated type videos!

The Alphabet

A spelling-video, where each character is the initial letter of a font name.

The Alphabet 2

The Alphabet 2- a horn book video experiment – is a developmental spelling – video where each character visually represents the meaning of the word itself. Playing with different techniques and materials into little and big spaces, but always focusing on Helvetica font’s proportions. A collection of words in a delightful spelling-video. ( via ONION:BLOGG )

Life in the Alphabet

Stumbled upon this sweet thing on Behance. Eibatova Karina ( Eika ) have used pencil and drawn out the alphabet. her project idea was: To represent a letter in a natural form and appearance.  Nice! Check out more (details+video+story behind) here.  And while I`m at it, sharpen your pencils and draw me a picture. Thanks.