Human Type

Stumbled upon this picture on a relative’s Facebook page today. It is fun to see teenagers play with type and the scenery is beautiful.

(borrowed from Anne Vadder, title: Dalseter)

Hello Visuelt pt.1

We (Aasmund & me) jumped on a plane earlier today. The plane took us to Oslo. Thank you mister plane. We´re doing a mini talk and a sweet workshop at Visuelt tomorrow. Looking forward to it. Big time.  So we better get some sleep.

But, before we take the train to dream town, we must finish our presentation. Aasmund is putting together the “this is Hello Typo™” presentation as we speak. I´m documenting, as allways.

btw This package where waiting for us at the Grafill flat in Bygdøy, Oslo. Made us smile.


Good Night. Kern tight.

Here comes the type

If you are the type (pun intended) of person who get kicks out of going to church and saying “yes” when the priest asks you if you want the person next to you, then you are in luck. Get your custom wedding ring over at Type Rings. What font would you use in your wedding ring?

Blood Diamond by ABOVE

One of my favourite artists, ABOVE, just did this sweet, clean and to the point piece in Johannesburg (South Africa).

How did ABOVE get permission to do this wall piece. Well, here is what he did in his own words:

“I was able to get away with this diamond wall heist because I told the owners I would paint in big letters “Diamonds are a woman’s best friend” on the exterior of their building. The owners loved the idea and all quickly agreed.

The next day I had started painting but what the owners didn’t know is that I lied to them and was hijacking their wall. Like any premeditated robbery, situations are not what they seem and shit can flip from best friends to worst enemies in a few moments.

I assume the owners were too busy trading diamonds inside the mega centre they never took the time to come out and see I was painting a controversial word play about the diamond trade and how it’s fueled so much bloodshed in wars making it one of man’s worst enemies”

I like the way he flipped the coin on the owners. Clever. More (other) work from ABOVE:
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Remi Juliebø playing with type

Our friend Remi just finished some amazing wall decorations for Carat. Remi states on his Behance account: “I was asked to help with the redecoration and decoration at the office of Carat, a large media-agency in Oslo. The project included decorating 5 walls, one large illustrative, two typography related, and two with a mix of typo and illustrations. The brief was rooted in the phrase “Redefining media”, and my take on it.” I think Remi solved this one super nicely. Popping typography with awesome details. Lucky Carat people. More pictures:
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