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HelloZagreb™ pt. 1

We (Aasmund and Ståle) where invited to do a workshop at How to Wow in Zagreb the 20th of may (tomorrow). So today at 0530 AM we started our trip from Trondheim to Zagreb.

Waiting for the bus – the gif.
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Use your ears tonight

Kreativ Forum Trondheim arranges their regular happaning Fredagspils tonight. We (HelloTypo™) are going to talk about type, show some sweetness and get the beer drinking people to play with markers. So If you are in T-town, be smart and pop by Blæst at 16.00.


Found this image, made by Sebastian Cremers. Hope people are ready for some listening tonight.

playing with type on the Autobahn

Autobahn is an dutch design agency with a love for type. Autobahn designs special graphical projects, often with an illustrative and typographical angle. I really like the way they play with type in this particular project (glad I´m not themodel). The project I´m talking about is called Arts In Area Development.

“Arts In Area Development is a collaboration between artists and area developers. Together they are looking for a way to provide a place for art in areas yet to be developed. Will the implantation of art and culture into area development projects increase the quality of the development plans? What possibilities will there be for the artists? And will there arise involvement with the future area residents?”





Read more about the project, and see all the “behind the scene” pictures here. It´s sweet, promise.

Type typeface on my face

Back in the good old days I had a t-shirt brand named :pøbel (:pøbel means bully, hooligan, rascal etc). And just now, when I was researching type on the intergalactic internet, I stumbled upon this book; Body Type.

The book made me remember that I actually got people to tattoo my brand name and/or logo… Super fun. I thought I should share it with you, so her goes:







Three people got a :pøbel-tattoo before I stopped paying for the tattoos… This is over three years ago, but still I get people comming up to me at parties and such asking me for a tattoo…

BTW: I don´t buy people tattoos anymore…