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Remi Juliebø playing with type

Our friend Remi just finished some amazing wall decorations for Carat. Remi states on his Behance account: “I was asked to help with the redecoration and decoration at the office of Carat, a large media-agency in Oslo. The project included decorating 5 walls, one large illustrative, two typography related, and two with a mix of typo and illustrations. The brief was rooted in the phrase “Redefining media”, and my take on it.” I think Remi solved this one super nicely. Popping typography with awesome details. Lucky Carat people. More pictures:
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New York Types

New York Types opening night

Doors opened on Dec. 15th for the ʻNew York Typesʼ exhibit at the Art Directors Club in New York City, presented by New York Writes Itself and The Village Voice. Inspired by the ʻScriptʼ at, the exhibition brrought to life real words heard on the streets of New York City.

This event was inspired by New Yorkers, and brought to life by New Yorkers. Every piece of art in the show was inspired by a person, scene, or quote witnessed in NYC. Thank you to the scribes for contributing stories. Thank you to the people of New York who unknowingly catalyzed an amazing letterpress show.

Over 650 people (including those who acted as scribes and submitted the words they heard to the website) descended on the Art Directors Club for opening night where great art, live music and booze was enjoyed by all.

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The making of Dirt Typography

This is a custom made alphabet made for an album cover. The tools used in this project are soil, home-made light table, paint brush, camera and photoshop.

After the photoshoot, the individual letters was put together in photoshop and adjusted on top of the font that was used as a template. Yes, I had a print out of the alphabet beside me when i formed the soil. I decided it was a safe thing to do for maximum readability on the finished alphabet.

And this is the album cover this typography was made for. If you are curious of the music, click here.

Amnesty type weekend

Amnesty – Fra ord til handling from Jazzmontør on Vimeo.


I stumbled upon this great project some time ago. And I contacted Kjetil from Jazzmontør, to learn more about the project. He sent me these words:

“Five from Jazzmontør turned up at Amnesty‘s office Saturday 12 November. 90 creative young activists between the age of 13-19 years, met us. In this project we implemented a creative process with a workshop and a subsequent action in the city center. This day’s concept: “From words to action”. The goal: To make something valuable together in 3 hours.

30 groups of 3 persons started with a quick brainstorm about what words of value the youths associated with AmnestyInternational. After sorting all of the groups’ best ideas, each group had to draw a value word and a task of how tomaterials task that indicated how they would illustrate this in the meeting place at the Young Market. The youngsters got 1.5 hours to find theirmaterials and have visualized this, the materials could be to use paper, bubble wrap, balloons, flowers or yarn.

It was impressive how the task was solved and the different interpretations of the value of words Amnesty appeared. When every group were finished visualizin their value word, there was only one essential word again: Amnesty. Everyone who was involvedgot themselves in yellow Amnesty t-shirts and braving the weather and formed the letters to himself. The action caused a positivestir in the Oslo cityscape and we filmed the whole event.”


View pictures from the event by clicking “more”.
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