Typography for lawyers

Jared Benson, founder of the typographic community  Typophile (who just last week celebrated it´s 10 year anniversary) tweeted that Matthew Butterick, former Font Bureau type designer (Herald Gothic, Hermes FB, etc) launches Typography For Lawyers. Butterick now has his own law office, and as a former type designer he saw that “legal typography is often poor”. That is why he made Typography for lawyers. I love it! Hope to see more sites like that. Anybody out there who has spare time on their hands, feel free to do something with these ideas: “Typography for truck drivers” or “Typography for phd students” or perhaps “Typography for plumbers”.


Anyhow. The coolest thing with Typography for lawyers, is that it´s a bunch of good reading there for anyone that want their papers to look good, or just learn about typography. In other words, you don´t need to be a lawyer to learn from this site. So typography rookies and others, read through the site, and take notes.  Bonus: If you are a twitter addict like me, follow Typography For Lawyers here, and Font Bureau here.

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